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‘If people sat outside and looked at the stars each night, I'd bet they'd live a lot differently.’

This famous Calvin and Hobbes quote moves me everytime I read it.

Have you ever looked up at a sky full of stars and felt like you were a part of something greater? Have you ever walked in a vast expanse of green by yourself and yet haven’t felt alone because you felt connected to nature?

It is in these moments we enter a state of flow because we briefly connect with the life force that is inherent in everything around us and within us.

The interconnectedness of nature is the foundation upon which everything is created, determines our connection to people, places and things and keeps us moving forward.

Born out of the need to create better by staying true to nature, Pravaah established its roots in a time when we are taking a step back to evaluate our choices. Movements, occurrences and colours in nature, whether it is a flowing river, the warm rays of the sun, the freshness of rain filled clouds, the calming breeze, or the colours of dawn, Pravaah, which means flow, is inspired by the beauty in the energetic oneness and balance in nature. Since everything in nature is connected, every action, however minor, has a consequence on the environment, and on the collective overall.

Spaces, and the flow of energy within them, are vital, and Pravaah aspires to better our spaces by offering better alternatives to home living. At the turn of events as we became more homebound, we turned inwards, to find balance. Bettering our spaces took over as a priority like never before - decluttering, optimum utilisation of space, resorting to natural products.

Just like we are making intelligent choices for our wardrobe - what we wear and how it affects the environment, we are turning to make similar sustainable choices in our spaces and home decor.

(If you haven’t seen it, here is a link to an older article where I delve into this. )

The journey of Pravaah started with the vision of making better choices, mindful of consequences, to find that balance in the high consumption wave that society is riding unconsciously. From table linens to bed sheets, the products are created with the intention of becoming a timeless element in our homes.

Products are handcrafted in Rishikesh and Delhi (India) by artisans who work in a healthy and happy environment. Ethically sourced, and made in small batches, the products are a conscious alternative to synthetic textiles for our spaces.

Everything is made of 100% hemp - an organic fibre that is one of the strongest, most resistant, highly durable and absorbent. It is a natural fabric that is antibacterial, and also provides protection against UV rays. What's more, the products get softer with every wash!

There is more to the list of endless benefits of this versatile fibre, the awareness around which is unfortunately not as high. Hemp can be included in every aspect of our lives from our diet to our wardrobe to building materials, but the misconceptions around it have prevented us from exploring it. (Head to Pravaah’s blog on their website to read more about this incredible raw material and how it can save the planet.

Each collection and product is beautifully named after facets in nature like Bhor (dawn), Bhumi (Mother Earth), Nadee (river). Each product is a story within itself, with an individual name, in hues inspired from nature (using dyes that are free from carcinogens), delicately adorned with hand stitched lace, and a QR code that provides more information on your piece - its journey, where it was made and by whom.

Each piece is reminiscent of the brilliance in nature.

The products come beautifully packaged in banana paper as a first layer of protection, then a hand stitched reusable raw cotton bag, and a biodegradable cardboard box to finish it off. The information card is made from handmade seed paper which means you can plant it to sprout a Tulsi plant.

The plant is a refreshing reminder of the cycle in nature, that everything exists in it, representative of the theme embodied in Pravaah. The adaptability of nature is reflected in the products. A journey that begins with a seed, goes through an entire cycle and ends in a plant again.

This circular way of life is innate to us.

When you see every detail that has gone into making a product that we would otherwise take for granted, you realise how much of an opportunity there is to make better choices in our day to day lives. Little do we realise that we are not separate from nature, we co-exist, we turn to nature for answers, for inspiration, and for a sense of equilibrium.

Pravaah is the answer to bringing that equilibrium into our homes and spaces - a luxurious, comfortable and conscious living; to new beginnings and going back to where it all began.

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