Not your regular Atelier

I recently came across a powerful statement by Samira Nasr, Editor in Chief Harpers Bazaar, on BoF Voices 2020 that will remain with me .

"Otherness is your Superpower."

Inspired by strong confident women, AtelierDolzi adapts and reinvents the traditional Blazer to appeal to today’s young-spirited, active, trendy, sophisticated and independent women.

An Atelier by definition is a studio where a designer or artist creates.

This is a striking and unique Atelier that not only designs and creates garments, but creates a range of collaborations for the business of fashion, to empower individuals.

ATELIERDOLZI (yes it is written like this for effect) embodies all that is bold, brazen,and beautiful about women, their individual uniqueness that makes them stand out. Which is what makes the world beautiful!

The essence of the brand is to be the exception, to find your voice, your 'otherness' and fuel it.

Highly designed and styled for that sporty chic look, it is still an elegant and classic piece for your wardrobe, one that is versatile.

Designed in Paris, made in Kuwait, this capsule collection boasts of blazers in bold colours. The colour is not the only thing bold about them though. The blazers are designed to be a symbol of owning yourself, of your individuality, and empowerment. A symbol of finding comfort and confidence in taking space.

The collection is also designed without pockets for a reason, as Dalal, the founder, says,

"Stand tall and own it."

Every piece is a creative way to stand out, subtly, but in your own way.

With five bold colours and the richness of satin, it is indeed not easy to go unnoticed. An eternal black, a daring canary yellow, a gorgeous lime green, a celestial blue, and a luminous ecru make the vibrant collection.

Although born and raised in Paris, Dalal finds her roots in Kuwait and wants to bring Made in Kuwait, to the world. She believes that Kuwait is full of talent, new perspectives and visions. Kuwait has been at the forefront of fashion, but has been underrated. Having said that Kuwait is definitely what you call an early adopter.

A non-seasonal brand, and the first Kuwaiti brand to be featured in the Monte Carlo Fashion week 2020 edition, it has definitely begun to make its mark.

Being conscious of the effect that fashion has had on our environment, and the importance of quality garments, the production is limited to pre-orders, and the fabrics (REACH certified which means healthier, safer conditions for everyone working with the fabric, including the final consumer) are sourced in limited quantities from Italy.

Hand made locally, and with no restocking, wastage is absolutely minimal.

Educating people whether it be on style, sustainability and the story behind the brand, is important for her so people understand the investment in the making of a quality garment.

Dalal realised the power of the blazer early on during her hospitality management days. She decided to use that as the signature and build a vision around it. A vision that involves bringing talent together, to help and empower.

Apart from the manifesto, that is the blazer, there is a plethora of brand collaboration opportunities that is the vision behind AtelierDolzi. Collaborations to power and propel your vision.

From shooting campaigns and business promotions on their channel, to services to help build your online dream business, to encouraging and supporting women in their endeavours. From photographers, hairdressers and stylists to artists, writers and designers, it is a platform for continuously expanding possibilities.

The Dolzipreneur Series is a project that features women from all around the world. This idea was literally birthed when she was unable to fully launch the brand due to the pandemic. It has now become an important pillar of coopetition for the brand.

A collaborative approach has gained tremendous momentum across the industry, especially in the time that we are in, and is a boon for everyone who is part of it. It is indeed incredible to support and be supported in your distinctive pursuits.

Like I said in the beginning, this is not your regular atelier.

Stay tuned for the interview with Dalal!


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