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Exactly as the name suggests, Les Izmoor (pronounced Less is More), is a philosophy. An age old way of life that we may have left behind in all our pursuits, but one that we come back to eventually.

Operating on a made-to-order model, Les Izmoor deconstructs all notions of fitting into a standard size, as well as the mass production that comes with having standard sizing.

The result - A one-size garment that can be adapted to different bodies!

Not just that, each garment has multiple ways that it can be styled in (discovering new styles everyday!), hence satisfying the need for novelty, and aiding responsible consumption.

The brand is indeed, the harbinger of a new age.

No fuss, no buttons and no complications, the garment is easy to wear, in solid, neutral colours, making it a straightforward and effortless classic. The purity is evident in the simplicity of it.

Fluid fabrics take the shape of you, poetic in the outcome. Versatile and flexible, the collection is focused on one design every season. I find this fascinating. The ingenuity behind the design is commendable.

Like Steve Jobs said - Design is not just what it looks or feels like. Design is how it works.

As opposed to fashion brands of the past that churned out hundreds of designs and sizes, Les Izmoor is created with the intention of producing in a mindful way, the creative process allowing for more reflection in the design. The belief is that fashion should be anything but disposable.

The pre-order model is designed in such a way as to offer quality garments at a fair price, by ensuring a secure way to work with artisans and no wastage. Once the prototype is ready, the pre-order period begins, and lasts for a few days.

It takes upto 8 weeks to produce and manufacture, keeping the consumer well informed at every stage of the garment. The transparency in the supply chain is verified by block-chain technology that can be scanned on the tag that comes with the garment. (https://lesizmoor.com/blogs/our-journal/what-is-blockchain-transparency-and-what-does-it-have-to-do-with-fashion)

The agility of the brand speaks volumes about its deep intention to take steps in resetting the standard of the industry. At every step, the focus remains on producing less, in a thoughtful way.

Designed for the lifestyle of the modern woman who is on the move, you can really make the garment your own.

Freeing from rigidity, allowing for feminine grace to flow, the ethereal beauty of Les Izmoor is nothing less than empowering.

Sustainably and ethically made in Italy by the Vuono family, it brings together innovation and heritage. A beautiful concoction of old age charm and new age values. Simplicity is the thread that ties it all together, just like the delicate gold plated ring (Made in Italy and responsibly sourced) that comes with the garment, enhancing the brilliance of the design by the many ways it can be used to ornament the garment.

The minimalist approach is truly a way of life, one that enriches what we truly appreciate and savour at our core. Less is more. Les Izmoor. Let's put a ring on this one, shall we?

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