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Updated: Jul 24, 2020

A dreamy brand, handmade in Italy, the name Instance has a sparkle to it. Pronounced in a delicate French accent, you can almost feel the luxe of the gorgeous silks. The instagram page transports you to a chic, vintage classic mood.

Hues of rich fabrics & delightful flowers wrapped in paper, antique ornate mirrors and architecture, bringing forth femininity and strength.

The softness and strength is well balanced with hints of ruffles, the silhouettes and the colour palette, carefully curated, and tied together. Results are stunning.

What makes this brand so beautiful to me, is the honest ambition, passion and consistency behind it, driven by Maud, the founder and designer. Sharp, witty and meticulous, I have seen her work tirelessly, not one to wait for things to happen.

Maud couldn't find a feminine luxury label that was ethically made and sustainable, all at a fair price, so she created one.

Not just a dreamy and attractive label, there is more to Instance.

The fabrics are deadstock, meaning leftovers from what was produced for other brands. The collection is produced in drops, supporting conscious production and consumption.

The personal connection with the artisanal workshops, pattern makers and seamstresses, allows a wonderful collaboration, bringing the designer's vision to life.

Ethical working conditions, sustainable sourcing and ensuring no harm to the environment, not just from ideation to execution but even after, because they are relevant for as long as they live in your wardrobe.

Timeless in design, the collection is truly versatile, taking you from a day at work to dinner, a special occasion, and even a weekend getaway.

Having no intermediaries, the prices are fair to the artisans and the customers.

All of this is achieved within a 40km radius...made in Italy.

The idea is to wear luxury everyday, not have it kept away for a special occasion in the future.

Details of the label, the hand-wrapped packaging and the paper bag are a real treat.

In a world, where more often than not, brands want to portray an image, Instance creates a beautiful direct dialogue with customers. Whether it's feedback on the collection or keeping them involved in the process from the sketch to out of the workshop and in the studio, it takes some skill.

It is intimate and real.

In the pictures below are Sophie, Isabelle and Stacia.

No, these are not the names of the ladies in the pictures, they are the names of the blouses!

Each blouse is a unique persona.

The vision of luxury at a fair price, the close knitted collaboration with artisans & seamstresses and an element of something personal, makes it a relishing experience. A nouveau luxury, a new way.

With production and workshops at a halt due to the pandemic, Maud has been engaging her clients on her Instagram page, styling the blouses in different ways. This had me intrigued as I saw a variety of looks unfold.

Maud talks more about the story behind INSTANCE, including sizing and naming her pieces,and the challenges she now faces, in an interview. Stay tuned.

@instance_officiel @maudsgerard

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Conversation with Maud :

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