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Discovering her love for blazers and realising the power of it early on, Dalal used it as a signature for her brand while building the vision around it. Wanting to do more in fashion, than offering just a collection, she pursued her passion to create the concept of ATELIERDOLZI.

Her most recent launch is the 2222 Collection, which showcases elevated loungewear.

Filled with ambition and enthusiasm, Dalal, who has a background in events and hospitality, talks about her earliest association with fashion.

What was the inspiration behind the concept of ATELIERDOLZI?

I wanted to get into fashion after experiencing a fashion show while I was working in events in Dubai and I thought why not start with a small collection.

As time went by, I realized that I had bigger ideas, bigger ambitions and that designing and creating clothing in the long run was not something that would fulfill my goals and objectives. I had a clear vision of the picture for ATELIERDOLZI.

I always wanted to do something where I would be helping other people. I was always inspired by strong, powerful, ambitious women and the way that they run their businesses and I thought why not create a platform where we can support each other. I am a firm believer that Co-opetition is way cooler than Competition. If done right, we can achieve amazing things!

" I am a firm believer that Co-opetition is way cooler than Competition. If done right, we can achieve amazing things!"

ATELIERDOLZI welcomes collaborations from everyone, not just women. As we sell only blazers, we are always on the lookout for other brands to come and join us; from hairdressers, makeup artists, accessory designers, stylists and more.

I am intrigued by the Dolzipreneur series, tell us more about it.

Our Dolzipreneur Series is dedicated to women only. A very cool project where we promote women-owned businesses and women from around the world who want to share their passion and their interests with the entire world. What is really cool is that we feature women from all around the world, so it's one big international platform for women who empower one another. We are continuing to work on this project, so if you are interested just DM us on Instagram or send us an email at info@atelierdolzi.com !

What is the signature of ATELIER DOLZI?

Our blazer is the signature of the atelier, a signature of women empowerment. It will catch your eye immediately. This was the aim, that people know that you are a part of the ATELIERDOLZI family.

The colors we use for our blazers are BOLD, one will definitely make an entrance while wearing our blazers.

"The fabrics we use are satin, I’ve always had an obsession with this fabric ever since I was a little girl and now it has manifested!"

Who is the ATELIER DOLZI woman?

She is confident, not perfect, bold to express herself and voice herself. She is a go-getter and unstoppable in going after what she wants. She is independent of external opinions. She blazes her own trail just like we create and follow our own trends as a non-seasonal brand.

Why did you choose to design blazers over other silhouettes?

With my background in hospitality management, I discovered my love for Blazers. Blazers were a part of our daily attire and mandatory to wear. I always used to get around not wearing the proper formal uniform to university. My style was always formal informal, I hated wearing stark formal attires, so I’d just throw a Blazer on whatever I was wearing and I would get my way around getting “a pass” to go to class. A Blazer is the “Extra” piece to your outfit, it completes it in so many wonderful ways. You can be dressed up in the most casual way or non formal way and you just throw a blazer on and Tada let the magic work. You will definitely stand out with a Blazer on and that is what I love about it, all the attention goes to you automatically.

Where do you find inspiration?

Every story inspires me. Every single person I meet, every news I read.

Really hard working women inspire me, not necessarily famous ones already, but just women in general. I always feel proud and excited when I see that somebody is going after what they want and to see how passionate they are, it makes me really happy. To be fueled by passion is something amazing, and it is the key to happiness in my opinion. For instance, you writing about me is really inspiring to me and we would love to feature you on our Dolzipreneurs Series!

My mother is the main inspiration behind the brand, she always had an amazing sense of fashion and style, and thank God she has kept all of her vintage Valentinos and Chanel jackets. Deep down, I think she’s the reason behind it, university just gave me a push to go ahead and channel the inspiration into designing Blazers.

"To be fueled by passion is something amazing, and it is the key to happiness in my opinion."

Originally from Kuwait, born and raised in Paris, Dalal brings forth her Paris-Kuwait connection with the brand.

With a wide taste in music from rap to latin to soothing mixes, Dalal believes in the power of surrounding yourself with good vibes. She loves cooking, discovering new cultures and cuisines.

Two books that have helped her, pushed her to do better are : What I Know for Sure by Oprah Winfrey, and It's All in Your Head by Russ.

Having lived in Paris, Switzerland and Milan, Dalal has always been surrounded by people from all over the world. She now lives in Kuwait and can be found on @itsdolzi

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