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Updated: Nov 24, 2020

I see British style as an inherently delicate balance between polished and dressy, fun and edgy.

Timeless, yet cool and individualistic.

A look is never overworked, and it always looks natural and real. Think Alexa Chung, Victoria Beckham, Emma Watson.

Charlotte London is a strikingly elegant brand that encapsulates this, and brings to life the playfulness of tweed, the magic of fabric, the power of color and the mood of a place.

Inspired by the energy, architecture and vibe of different cities, and stimulating spaces around the world, the brand is high spirited, feminine and the vision, empowering.

Started in 2016, with the aim of making everyday elegance accessible, and bringing it to the modern woman's wardrobe, Charlotte London is chic, fun and polished in every sense. Polished being the operative word. From the sensibility and design, to the finished product and brand communication.

The idea of women in androgynous clothing has gone through different phases over the decades. There used to be a stigma around it at one point in history.

But it is now, more than ever, that suits and blazers are feminine and powerful. And not just that, it is downright fun in the sheer versatility of it, like the brand stands for.

The patterns, colours and design are exciting as they shift from New York and Palm Beach to Tokyo, Shanghai and HongKong, to Notting Hill and Chelsea, to Paris and Milan - like a globetrotter.

Charlotte recollects the bewilderment on her first day in the corporate world of finance. She was the only person who wasn't wearing black. She turned her early experiences of working, into her ideology behind the brand. The fact that women do not need to tone down to be feminine, or be taken seriously. Who would have thought that we would still be breaking such stereotypes in the 21st century.

A brand, especially one that is niche, is an authentic reflection of the founder, making it a story in itself.

The eponymous label is a wardrobe staple, that can transition you smoothly from day to night.

Lightweight, easy and versatile, Charlotte believes that jackets are a statement accessory that can pull it all together, or one that you can build your look around.

She believes in the power and magnitude of a well put together look that we might take for granted today. The power in unintentional sophistication. And all it really takes is a few small steps to achieve that.

What started as a fun project in Hong Kong, inspired by the fabric markets, turned into pop-ups that resonated hugely with the expats in Hong Kong and Singapore, and is available at Anthropologie and other retailers in the US today.

Not your basic brand, Charlotte London takes the classic jacket and elevates it.

A hero product (or shall I say heroine?), the collection is hugely inspired by the fabric itself. The pattern and feel of the fabric brings the flattering yet simple, clean silhouettes to life.

As the infamous and tremendously effective saying goes: "When in doubt, throw on a jacket."

Well, Charlotte London is a jacket with a difference.

Stay tuned to meet Charlotte Hollihan, part British, part American, as she delves into her intriguing journey from finance to fashion, bringing out the best of both industries through her polished work.

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