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Updated: Nov 30, 2020

"Jewelry is like the perfect spice; it always complements what is already there."

- Diane Von Furstenberg

Isn't it fascinating how we have adorned ourselves though civilizations?

Jewelry has held various significance across cultures historically. From a symbol of peace and prosperity, to wisdom and well being, to social status and enhancing beauty, and more recently as a form of self expression.

Whether you feel like adding an intriguing twist to your outfit or dramatic awe, a piece of jewelry does it just right. The beauty of jewelry, apart from its decadence and artistry, is that it never really gets old, and always fits!

Treasured in gorgeous boxes, carrying memories of another day and of sentimental value, they are passed on from generation to generation. A lineage, a string that connects one generation to the next.

Usually passed on from mother to daughter, a never ending bond.

Inspired by childhood memories of watching her mom wear artistic jewelry everyday, Bhavya launched All that Dori in 2016.

As someone fond of wearing jewelry herself, she was unable to find premium quality and exciting designs that didn't necessarily create a hole in your pocket.

Dori (literally translating to ropes or strings in Sanskrit) means to bring together.

Unconventional concepts, brought together by a passionate soul, weaving together the artisan, the craftsmanship and the stones.

Dori takes you from bold and brazen to sophisticated elegance to playful camaraderie, never losing the eccentric touch.

It is about celebrating the unique eccentricities of each person.

The enormous potential of the stone inspires the design of the piece. Each piece is unique as there are only three of each design in the world.

"Each piece is as unique as you are."

Exploring the multifaceted skills and arts of India and giving it a fair platform, lies at the heart of Dori.

Handcrafted pieces are made in small batches and rural women are employed to make the packaging by hand, in which the pieces are kept.

The collections don't follow any season, they are inspired by a theme or a chapter from the many travel tales that Bhavya pursues.

The inspiration from her travel tales, unfold with each collection.

The coins are from her personal collection from all her travels, a limited edition.

Gorgeous florals and wild play in rubies, amethysts, rose quartz , earthy feeling pieces in light wood juxtaposed with stone, a collection with vintage coins and cluster pearls, colourful hand-painted treats ; each collection is a story.

And just launched for the first time is a pure silver collection with raw stones.

The quirky and playful elements rise from, the distinctive lightness of bees on a raw stone, cluster pearls embellishing an old coin that has seen numerous years, the intricate twist of metal around precious stones.

Each handcrafted piece has a sensibility of the unexpected, as beautiful stones and alluring metals are explored and crafted together, creating a one of a kind piece.

Raw, natural, semi precious stones sourced mindfully from India, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, to name a few, worked upon by skilled artisans in Jaipur to bring the versatile designs to life.

Made in India, based out of Dubai, Dori is shipped worldwide, the joy of the brand appealing to people across the globe.

The hand crafted delight that tugs at your heart, can say a lot about the way you feel and elevate your senses.

It is almost empowering.

Whether you want to add oomph to your outfits everyday or wear it as a bride or gift it as a memoir to loved ones, All that Dori is about all that and more.

Definitely tugs the doris of my heart!

Stay tuned for the interview with the founder & designer, Bhavya.

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Conversation with Bhavya :

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