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Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Ever borrowed clothes from your brother or partner, and mixed and matched it for a casual chic 90's vibe? Most of us women have. I for instance, have borrowed T-shirts, and never returned them because mens t-shirts are way more comfortable to sleep in or style the next morning.

It is December 2019, a Parisian womenswear label is born out of the attraction to her brother’s comfortable closet. Rebellious, effortless and contemporary, this is a label that shuns all your fears of not looking ‘feminine enough’ in menswear.

"Boys have more fun they say. The ALFIE girl has it both ways. A forward thinking mindset."

She embraces her femininity, knows how to have fun and is comfortable in her own skin.

She sheds the layers of unnecessary clothing and conditioning that she's been carrying to be 'feminine.'

"Not burdened with non-essentials. Because less is better, less is more."

Alice Fresnel, the founder, reimagines menswear classics to create timeless basics for women. Simple lines and classic shapes that embody being playful, free, masculine and feminine at the same time.

Masculine and feminine have been perceived as concepts of being separate and opposite ends of one dimension. But we embody masculinity and femininity, we are both.

Genderless fashion has been a new way for fashion. Seems to me like we may finally be ready to look beyond the concept of gender roles, body shapes, and sizes defining us.

Solid hues of cashmere and italian fabrics are cut, sewn and assembled to create the chic androgynous line ALFIE, which has actually been Alice's nickname for as long as she can remember.

Having your nickname as your brand's name is such a personal touch and a big step to positioning your identity in your creation.

The label is non-seasonal, and produces according to variation in demand leading to zero waste.

Women are always on the move, so whether its for a day out, a meeting or even to laze at home, these elevated basics are ideal to be in, to just be, which is an ultimate luxury.

The essence of ALFIE is to be feminine, the way you want. There is no picture to fit into or box to tick. It reaches beyond the boundaries of contemporary women's wardrobes.

I see the label as an immaculate reflection of her personal style. It is an extension of her.

Alice grew up surrounded by boys and is hugely inspired by the 90's. The label projects that in its style, the images and the tone of communication.

Alice believes in following her gut, not a seasonal calendar.

Her idea is to create a memorable brand experience online and she does it by blending humour, wit and simplicity.

Have you seen The Alfie List?

Seasons stopped dictating what we wear and the nouveau luxury labels may have set the right tone with a concrete vision and executed it well before anyone else. With YSL earlier this year and recently Gucci, reshaping their catwalk calendars, this is revolutionary for fashion.

ALFIE has been featured in Vogue Paris and Tagwalk for bringing gender neutral fashion back in focus.

Alice Fresnel launched ALFIE in Dec 2019 just before the pandemic brought the entire world to a standstill.

She shares how she dealt with it,what inspires her and her vision, in the interview to follow. Stay tuned.



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