More About The Conscious Collaborative

Fashion in the 70's and 80's was an expression of your individuality. Over a few decades it has become an industry fabricated by appearances, what you wore, and who you knew. 

Intimidating and thrilling, at the same time. Those were my feelings at my first fashion week, and they haven't changed much.

I have had conflicting thoughts about the fashion & luxury industry because of its notoriety for being a playground for the powerful and wealthy. It's like an exclusive club - you get in if you know someone. But it's also such a creatively satisfying space. 

Sustainability and diversity are words that have been thrown around relentlessly for marketing and brand reputation. They were important even 20 years ago but as soon as you have to promote something that should be a given or protect a minority, something is already terribly wrong.

The industry has been screaming for change and winds of change have been blowing. Are the doors open? People are more emotionally aware, intelligent and brave so there is a sense of being collective and supportive.

For me this is a step in that direction, as some things to change and some of acceptance.