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The Conscious Collaborative

This is a space to bring forth creations, visions and stories of artists, designers, & founders - people from all over the globe. The idea is to learn from each other.  
A collaborative of mindfully created brands, delightful people and impressive visions. Imaginations and stories to discover.
A curation of new age luxury and old world heritage.
They have a story to tell and this is where they are consciously brought to the world.



Committed to Beauty. Excellence. Authenticity.

An intuitive being, living on epiphanies.
I am drawn to beauty and discovery. To history and stories. I like to surround myself with them.
As a fashion and luxury specialist and enthusiast, this is where I express my musings, insights and mindful take on things in the world of luxury.
I am thrilled you’re here. Feel free to peruse.



I grew up fascinated with books. Apart from all the fairy tales as a little girl, I was fascinated with adventure. I still am and seek it. I am intrigued by history and human behaviour, more so because of how it shapes fashion and luxury.

The world of fashion and luxury is charming, witty and woven with beauty, authenticity and excellence.

 I believe that it is in the pursuit of these that I find my best self. This pursuit is not easy, it requires vulnerability, courage, patience and persistence. Living and Learning.

I enjoy creating concepts, developing brands & products and connecting the dots with people & experiences.

 After having been in the retail side of the industry for sometime, I decided to delve deeper into the apparently elusive and elitist world of luxury and pursued a program in fashion, experience & design that led me to some behind the scenes and real conversations.

Stay with me as I let you in on the journey.



SHALINI@The Conscious Collaborative

Founder & Creative Director of brand, Shalini comes from the world of haute couture and believes in the longevity of design. The eponymous label is a reflection of her soul's deepest desire to create beauty.

From haute couture and haute jewellery to haute parfums, the House of Shalini delights your senses.

 Sensuous, sensorial and soulful, here's more on Shalini, the creator and the brand.


INSTANCE@The Conscious Collaborative

Bringing together vintage romantic luxe, a strong feminine feel and a French connection to create a timeless piece for your wardrobe. Strong, classic, timeless - Instance stands for all that and more.

Made in Italy, pivoted on its vision of luxury at a fair price and an intimate dialogue with customers, here's the story of the brand.

 Stay tuned for the interview with Maud, the founder & designer of the label.


ALFIE@The Conscious Collaborative

Grooving into gender neutral territory, blurred lines between masculine-feminine and a chic, sensuous 90's vibe. Made within a 10km radius in Paris, this label shuns all beliefs of not being feminine enough. We love the non-seasonal oomph.

Borrowed from the boys - This is the story of ALFIE PARIS. 

Featured in Vogue Paris and tagwalk, stay tuned for the interview with Alice, the founder & designer, as she shares how she follows her gut and not a seasonal calendar.


All That Dori @The Conscious Collaborative

Not a minimalist, an adventurer and someone who believes in bringing out more from the multitude of craftsmanship in India, for the world to see, Bhavya is an embodiment of her brand; simple & versatile with a quirky twist.

Her love for exploring has led her to over 60 countries, where she collects memorabilia, tattoos and inspiration.

After having worked for 13 years in the Middle East retail industry, she decided to give her dream a fair shot, of creating joy with every piece that is handcrafted.

Each piece is unique and there are only 3 of each design made, in the world.

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House of Badnore @ The Conscious Collaborative

A regal persona, she wasn't comfortable using her name till she had carved her own path.
Archana Kumari Singh of Badnore has had a unique, interesting and exciting journey from the magnificent royal forts to being a writer and editor and  a long career at Frazer & Haws.
She believes in making elegance accessible, keeping the old world charm alive with House of Badnore.
The collections of House of Badnore bring back memories of a refined lifestyle, a royal past, adapted beautifully for lifestyles today.

Fabio for The Rake.jpg

The Bespoke Dudes @ The Conscious Collaborative

Discreet, classic and elegant, what started as the voice of Italian artisans and craftsmen, grew to become the voice of a discerning sartorial style, promoting Italian excellence to the world. 
A lifestyle that brings the roots of Italian heritage, of time and taste, to the forefront. Embodying the concept of sprezzatura, the idea of imperfection, the vision is to create impeccable style effortlessly.


Charlotte London @ The Conscious Collaborative

"I just kept going." 
As someone who considered herself to be a finance person till recently, and resisted being in fashion because she felt like an outsider, founding a brand and being the designer says so much about passion, persistence and paving your own path.
Having been in finance and fashion, and having an understanding about both industries, today she writes and shares her insights on the business behind fashion.
Charlotte shares her inspiration and intriguing journey of how she made it in the industry that is notorious for being 'members only.'


ATELIERDOLZI @ The Conscious Collaborative

"Stand tall and own it."

A striking and unique atelier that not only designs and creates garments, but creates a range of collaborations for the business of fashion.
Realising the power of the blazer early on, Dalal created a vision around it. designed to empower, this non-seasonal, Made in Kuwait brand adapts and reinvents the traditional blazer.


LESIZMOOR @ The Conscious Collaborative

"Fashion should be anything but disposable."

Exactly as the name suggests, Les Izmoor (pronounced Less is More), is a philosophy. An age old way of life that we may have left behind in all our pursuits, but one that we come back to eventually.

Operating on a made-to-order model, Les Izmoor deconstructs all notions of fitting into a standard size, as well as the mass production that comes with having standard sizing.

The result - A one-size garment that can be adapted to different bodies!

Photo 02-03-2021, 15 43 36.jpg

Pravaah @ The conscious Collaborative

"I felt cheated a s a consumer when I would buy so called 'sustainable' products."

Born out of the need to create better by staying true to nature, Pravaah established its roots in a time when we are taking a step back to evaluate our choices. 
Pravaah, which means flow, is inspired by the beauty in the energetic oneness and balance in nature. Since everything in nature is connected, every action, however minor, has a consequence on the environment, and on the collective overall.